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Mansoba is the best firm for trademark registration. Above All, The method is finished within some days through the pure legal process.

However, A trademark may be a right in favour of someone who applies for the cover of his brand from getting used by any individual so as to require undue advantage over the business of that person.

So, Only upon the trademark registration, a right is formed in favour of a person registering the brand.
Trade = Business Mark = Product/ Services that marks your identity.
For instance, any brand or sign with a logo design, any font based or signature are often registered under trademark

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Benefits of Trademark

Above all, there are many advantages and benefits of trademark registration.

1.    If your trademark is registered, so, you will get insecurity in the entire country. If your business is in Karachi or Islamabad, Therefore no one can copy your brand in entire Pakistan.

2.    It will be easy to sell licenses or franchises.

3.    You get a legal cover after trademark registration which is proof that you are the legal owner of the given trademark.

So, If someone copies your brand, you can stop them by your business name. Most Importantly, This protection is given after registering in Trademark Ordinance 2001. Therefore, If you are doing a business and it isn’t registered, in case of any dispute, Therefore, you will have to prove that you are its legal owner and you are likely to lose your business.

That is to say, If your brand is not registered, you do not have ownership of it as well. However, Not registering your business is the same as not having a national identity card. So, In case if you do not have your ID and someone asks for your identification, what will you do?. Contact mansoba for trademark registration services, or visit our website for trademark registration.

Information Sources:
Information services are usually provided through the data sources, Therefore, where the desired information amount is usually available. Course textbooks, encyclopedias, reference books, scholarly monographs, and reference materials are important sources of data to the users.

Brand protection

Brand protection is that the process of protecting the belongings (IP) of companies and their associated brands against counterfeiters, copyright pirates, and infringers of other varieties of IP, like patents, design rights, colour marks, and trade dress.

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